Avoid the EXPENSE and DISAPPOINTMENT of ineffective video content

Video is THE MOST engaging and powerful way to convert prospects into your ideal clients, but WITHOUT A PLAN you risk winding up with an ineffective video that looks like everyone else’s and forces you to be the “video expert”.

It also devours your team’s time, managing the whole process, when you clearly have other things you could be doing.

Why not let Reach Video craft a Video Blueprint tailored for your business, allowing you to concentrate on your own areas of expertise?

Strategy First Video Production

Our bespoke blueprint workshop is designed to help you deeply understand your audience and refine your messaging.

We align with your brand, ensuring we build on a solid foundation. This initial step is crucial to ensure the success of your video campaign.

What to expect from the Blueprint Workshop:

Phase 1:

Workshop Insights

In this dedicated 2-hour session, we will:
  • Define and agree upon the goals of the project
  • Develop 3-5 keywords that will guide the video's narrative
  • Build consensus on the direction of the piece
  • Clarify the target audience for the video
  • Consult on key players or characters to be featured in the video
  • Walk through our proven story structure.

Outcome: By the end of this session, we’ll have a clear understanding of your vision and the framework for your video.

Phase 2:

Post-Workshop Research & Deliverables

After immersing ourselves in your brand's objectives, we delve deeper to support the video goals. Within 1-2 weeks after the workshop, you'll receive:
  • A detailed roadmap for your brand’s video
  • Key characters and talking points
  • Hand-picked inspirations to guide the creative direction
  • A mood board defining the visual approach
  • Soundtrack samples to set the tone
  • A sample script or storyline framework
  • A proposed budget based on the range you provide

Outcome: This comprehensive blueprint will serve as the foundation for your video project, ensuring alignment with your objectives and brand identity.

Flexibility: The workshop fee is credited towards the project if you choose us as your production company. If you decide on another agency, there are no hard feelings. What’s important is the success of your video content.

Immersing ourselves in your brand's objectives

Benefits of the Workshop:

1. Get Laser-Sharp Clarity
Ensure your video connects with your intended audience through clear and consistent messaging.
2. Get a Customised Blueprint
Leverage our expertise in video marketing and storytelling to devise a strategic plan for a successful video.
3. Get Your Time Back
Following our two-hour workshop, we take the reins. Expect a comprehensive blueprint for your review shortly, allowing you to concentrate on other priorities.

We’re Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is!

If, by the end of the workshop, you feel we haven’t added value or brought clarity to your video campaign, we’ll REFUND the workshop fee.

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