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Showcase Your Commitment To Net Zero With Video Content

Showcase Your Commitment To Net Zero With Video Content

Inspiring Examples from Companies Embracing the Energy Transition

As the global focus on sustainability intensifies, many companies, especially those within the oil and gas industry, are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to clean energy and environmental responsibility. 

The transition to net zero poses unique challenges for companies within the energy sector. However, as we’ll see, video content has proven to be an effective means of engaging stakeholders, educating audiences, and driving positive change.

By delving into inspiring examples from within the industry, this article aims to provide some inspiration for those marketing professionals tasked with these objectives.

From renewable energy pioneers like Ørsted and Enel to innovative electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla, we will explore how these companies have harnessed the power of video to engage audiences, enhance brand reputation, and drive positive change.


Tesla is known for its electric vehicles and clean energy solutions. They use video content to showcase their products, such as the Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model X, and explain their environmental benefits. Tesla’s videos often highlight their renewable energy projects, including solar and energy storage solutions.


Ørsted is a Danish renewable energy company that has transitioned from being an oil and gas company to focusing solely on renewable energy. They create videos that emphasise their commitment to offshore wind farms and reducing carbon emissions. Ørsted’s videos often feature stunning visuals of wind turbines at sea and testimonials from employees and stakeholders.


Enel is an Italian multinational energy company that has made significant investments in renewable energy sources. They use video content to demonstrate their clean energy projects, such as solar and wind farms, and explain how these initiatives contribute to a sustainable future. Enel’s videos also highlight their efforts to engage local communities and promote energy transition.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is a leading energy supplier in the UK and has a strong focus on low-carbon electricity generation. They utilise video content to promote their renewable energy solutions, such as nuclear and wind power. EDF Energy’s videos often feature interviews with experts, interactive animations, and educational content to raise awareness about clean energy options.


Vestas is a Danish wind turbine manufacturer and one of the largest suppliers of wind power globally. They leverage video content to showcase their wind turbines in action and highlight their technological advancements in the field of clean energy. Vestas’ videos often emphasise the benefits of wind energy, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing sustainable electricity.

These examples demonstrate how energy companies effectively use video content to communicate their commitment to sustainability and clean energy initiatives. By visually showcasing their projects and explaining the environmental benefits, these companies engage audiences and raise awareness about the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources.


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